Thursday, March 19, 2009

Message from Emma

Emma asked me to post this on our blog:

I've had a brief chat with Owen at Editions Ltd. of Cook Street. She has exhibition space for you from 9 July for 3 weeks approx. She will do mailout and pv card if you supply the mailing list. Her percentage on sales is reasonable. Four medium frames each. I'm willing to advertise it through the Bluecoat and print studio brochures. Am thinking of calling it The Magnificent Seven. Does this clash with Phil's proposal and what do you all think? Decision by end of Tuesday next week please. X Emma

Mary says: This is great! A wonderful opportunity and I think we should accept. Doesn't need to clash with the Go Pink/Blue exhibition, but we may need to decide whether or not to propose a show at Arena still. 

What are everyone's thoughts?


  1. Sounds great! Each thing is quite different but I think we should try them all: a commercial/selling show; involvement in a charity exhibition; and an independent, group-led show at Arena. We'll be busy but I'm sure we can do the lot!
    Tuesday mornings will never be the same again! x

  2. I like your thinking, Phil. It is a lot to take on but I'm willing to do both exhbitions (plus the charity). I'm also interested in helping with the print studio project above Mello Mello, if it's going to work out. Jane, let me know if you want my help!