Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Notes from July 11 Meet: Bluecoat espresso 9.00 am
  • All work to Olwen for final hanging today.
  • e invite has been received and needs to be circulated among group, then out to our own lists asap.
  • Catering: Mary -cakes, Jane -savoury, Rhonda -wine.
Future plans
  • We'll continue to meet on Tuesdays
  • Drawing will feature (Theatre rehearsal), also a visit to hotbed press, an animation day (Kieron), bookbinding (Mary) and of course more print.
  • Next show tbc.
  • New group members invited via Phil and Kieron
  • Facebook page
  • Group website to showcase work
The current thrust of the group is creative endeavour (Experiment with printing, drawing, making, ideas.) While we will plan projects to promote our work commercially with mailshots and website etc, we are still focussed on the print room at Bluecoat. Currently the max capacity in the room is 8. For now Liverpool Illustrators will stay small, in the future, who knows....?

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