Wednesday, April 29, 2009

this is a lot longer than i planned

Hi everyone,

Jane, thanks for the submission info! Here is another that I have found: about a climate change poster. I wish I could do nothing but make work for these types of things, but there is so much to do! 

I would also really like to hire the studio for a few weeks. If there are six of us, thirty pounds each would give us another six weeks, though I won't be able to afford it if there are less people going in on it, too. Thirty pound is pretty much my limit right now. So who else is interested? 

Just a reminder about the show at Arena tomorrow (Thursday) night. I plan to go because the work should be really good and it'd be good to check out the space. Does anyone have work they would like to submit for a group show there? I have several pieces ready to go!

Hope everyone's having a superb week.


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